We believe every artist should have their chance at getting a great visual representation of themselves without emptying their bank account.  Talent deserves to be seen (and heard) by the world.  That's why we created Project 2 Live Sessions. 

The first one will take place on Saturday September 28th from 11:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. at Project 2 Studios in Manchester, NH.


Project 2 Live Session

Project 2 Studios

We believe every artist should have their chance at getting a great visual representation of themselves without emptying their bank account.  That's why we created Project 2 Live sessions.

For $150 the artist will get two chances to record a live music video (with professional audio) with director Ben Proulx.  Your video will be filmed and produced on the same equipment we use for all of our music videos.

All artists will receive a copy of their live video and featured on our Project 2 Live spotlight page.  Some videos may even get shown on our social media accounts.

The first Project 2 Live Session will take place on Saturday, September 29th from 11:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. in Manchester, NH.

First-come first-serve basis, so the first artists to register online will be able to lock down their time slot.  Only one-time slot is available per artist.

Open to solo artists of all genres; hip-hop, singer/songwriter, rock, reggae, ALL MUSICIANS ARE WELCOME TO SIGN-UP!

We look forward to seeing and meeting all of you and making a bunch of amazing videos!

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Type: Video Service

Here's Some Examples of What You'll Get:

We hope to see you there!


\What will the final product look like?

You will have two takes, so you can select up to 2 of the following options, or stay with a single option. The looks can be in color or in black and white.

OPTION A (From Side):

OPTION B (From Front):

Where do I go?

The studio is located at 21 W Auburn Street, Manchester, NH 03101. You can park across the street in the Market Basket parking lot, then walk over to the small lot / loading dock where someone will greet you at a clearly marked check-in.

When should I arrive?

Please try and arrive at least 30 minutes before your slot time. It’s OKAY if you come last minute, but it is not ideal. Just PLEASE BE ON TIME. If you are late, we may reschedule your block.

Can I stay and hang out?

If you want to stay for the entire day and network with other artists and industry people, you are welcome to stay as long as you like between 11AM and 8PM. We encourage you to stay and network!

Can I perform both covers and originals?

Yes, you can perform both, however we suggest performing an original if you have one.

What genre of music can I choose?

You can perform any type of music you want. You can do acapella, play an instrument live, or bring an instrumental with you on a thumb drive (or email it to jaimee@project2studios.com)

Can I perform more than one song?

Yes! You have a total of two takes, so you can either use both takes for the same song, or use them for two seperate songs if you want to go for it!

Can I perform with a group/full band?

No, there will only be one microphone setup, for a solo act only.

Is there a time limit?

Yes, please try to keep your song selections under 4 and a half minutes (we recommend shorter is better!) You will have 2 takes only, each slot lasts a total of 20 minutes.

What if I screw up my performance?

Please come prepared. You will only be given a block of 20 minutes. If you really don’t like your performance, you will have an opportunity to do ONE retake after 7pm.

If I am still not satisfied with my performance, can I stop it from being published on the Project 2 Live platform?

We will not post your video to our platform if you do not wish us to.

How will I get my video?

The final file of the video will be emailed to you within one week of the recording.

Who owns the rights to these videos?

After final edits, the rights to the video will belong to both the artist and to Project 2 Studios.